RELLA + String of Pearls = LOVE

Posted on 19 October 2016

As many of you know, RELLA, along with many other's celebrated Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day on October 15th.  In the days leading up to this date, I felt compelled to do something, say something, give something, but what I was left with, was an emptiness of my own grief, my own sadness, and my own self-doubt of "will it even be enough?"  I was unsure about how RELLA could make a difference to someone or something that is so big, so profound, and so painful.  What I've learned is this:

When we give, we feel HOPE. 

When we share our experiences with other's, it makes us feel LESS ALONE.

When we feel, we HEAL.

When we search for an answer, it forces us to LOOK UP and REACH OUT.

When we suffer in silence, grief becomes LONELY.

When we acknowledge our pain, something about it LIFTS. 

When we feel our loss, we are HUMBLED by the abundance LIFE OFFERS.

When we connect with other's with similar paths, there is an undeniable LOVE and CONNECTION.

And just like that, out of the darkness of grief, out of every tear cried, every aching heart, there is a light.  In my journey, this light was from many dear friends and family members who have shared their pain in order to heal mine.  Through this, came String of Pearls, an organization that RELLA will forever be connected to. 

To everyone that bought on October 15th-16th, especially to Jon &Shannon Ackerman for introducing us to such an incredible organization through #theEliEffect, RELLA was able to donate a share of processeds to String of Pearls.  I leave you with this email from the Executive Director of String of Pearls:

You are a gift to me and so many others facing the journey of a lifetime.  I am so honored you have chosen to recognize and support String of Pearls today, Infant Loss Awareness Day, a day that can be full of silence for some and without hope.  Thank you for bringing awareness to this day and hope to aching hearts.  May your heart be strengthened in knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others and may your heart find comfort today and in the days ahead.  
Thank you for sharing Rella with me and so many others.  Your financial support will allow us to continue reaching families as they prepare to say hello and goodbye to their sweet baby, all in one breath. The support String of Pearls provides, reminds families they are not alone and their babies will never be forgotten.  


Thank you for your continued support for String of Pearls.  It means so much to me and the families we serve.  You are a part of the legacy all of these precious babies have left behind.  I am looking forward to building our relationship in the months ahead.


With love, light, and so much hope,


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