FALLing for Fall

Posted on 22 September 2016

Yes everyone...I'm in LOVE! Happy FALL to all of our RELLA followers!

Despite it being a "heat wave" in Ohio, I have convinced myself every morning to throw on my beanie, maybe even a light jacket, a light scarf if I've totally lost it, and hit my morning running. Today was 80 degrees and humid by 11am and I had peeled off every layer by then. But! I got 2 hours in! The days of stepping out with somewhat "done" hair are over, or can they be? And, the days of shampooing my hair every so often are IN. Come on HAT season, where are you?!

I've had many people ask, "what's the must have RELLA product." I've answered "all of it" because I would literally wear ALL OF IT. I'm proud of this line, and I think you will see the love in every fiber sown.

BUT...because I love you, here's what I will be wearing (past 11am) hopefully in the coming weeks!

1. HAPPY in Natural

2. The Cash slouch in blue (if I can steal it from my hubby)

3. Base slouch in grey- LOVE grey this year!

4. Lea headband in Caramel

5. Bounty hat with fur Pom in natural

6. Fidelity scarf and matching hat in grey- it is square shape and is the perfect blanket scarf!

7. Betto Cash with regular Pom or fur Pom in bone- 100% Cashmere and worth every penny! I will pair with the Betto mitt and may pop it with a fun color!

8. Le Chat

9. Pied de Poule hat and matching scarf-extradite merino wool=soft and cozy!

10. Last but NOT least, anything BEA or BETTO- they come in a gazillion colors, and it is my #slightobsession

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